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About Us

Our Mission

Repurposing Company is an artistically-driven model for glass separation and recycling for the restaurant and hospitality industry, while giving the environmentally-concerned consumer an alternative source of creating unique decorating accent pieces. 

Our Goals

  • Establish, support and promote a glass-only separate stream of collection and recovery for recycling for restaurants and bars in the City of Boulder, Colorado.
  • Assist local businesses to create a separate stream of collection and recovery of their empty glass containers by offering a unique and convenient solution that can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of these businesses.
  • Repurpose these mundane glass bottles into beautiful and artistic Eco-products for retail sale, thus providing the funds necessary to support customizable glass recovery solutions.
  • In the short term, prove a new business model to utilize repurposing as a mainstream and self-sustaining means of funding and delivering effective glass-only recovery and recycling solutions.

Glass Only Collection

By taking the initiative to source separate glass before entering into single-stream collection we are able to effetely recycle nearly all glass collected and create a positive impact on the overall recovery and recyclability rates at local MRF sorting facilities at the same time. 

How will the restaurants benefit?

  • Boulder restaurants and bars will have a viable option to current single-stream collection methods in order to help them achieve their waste reduction goals.
  • A No-Fee, glass-only collection program that is specifically designed to preserve the quality and value of collected commodities.
  • Access to customizable solutions, facilitating effective pre-sorting and separation of their empty glass containers by working directly within the individual’s needs, assist in the scope and unique workflows needed to be addressed, with the intention to be convenient, easy and ultimately rewarding.



“Eco-Projects” simply refer to the variety of product lines offered on the retail side of Repurposing Company.  The intention here is to showcase a variety of unique Eco-Projects, all with a diverse assortment of style options, offering customizations, such as glass etching of business logos, etc.

Our Eco-Products are all hand-made, repurposed to order, and derive from the same primary inventory.  As additional sources are added and new styles are acquired in the necessary volume, that style will become available in any product line that style supports.  

Our launch Project is titled, “Wall Vase,” repurposing creatively new and unique accent pieces and eco-friendly decor alternatives for displaying fresh flowers.  

Future Eco-Projects include “Cocktails,” a creative project to create home bar and entertaining alternatives for offering and presentation of premixed cocktails.  “Candela” is a unique and creative line of candles available in different sizes and styles.  “Token Spirits” and “Luminate” are just a couple more conceptualized Eco-Projects, with more to follow. 

Container Compensation Program (CCP)

The Repurposing Company will offer a Container Compensation Program (CCP); our own version of the Container Deposit Legislation (CDL), also known as the Bottle Bill.    Our CCP will offer tier-based compensation based on projected best Next Life use; repurposing, reuse or recycling. 

The CCP is essentially a self-funded buyback program for empty glass containers through an eventual network of temporary redemption centers and is supported financially through our repurposing efforts.  

This program will be promoted directly to local restaurant and their staff.  By offering this incentive we hope to start early adoption of active source separation by the employees that work within the hospilaity industry. 


The Re-Use Initiative

A program from Repurposing Company with the intention of providing empty glass containers back to Colorado breweries, spirits makers, small-batch, and home brewers for the packaging of their products. 


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