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The Re-Use Colorado Initiative

100% Post-Consumer Re-Use Initative

The Re-Use Colorado Initiative

Is a program to provide empty glass containers back to local and surrounding Colorado breweries, small-batch crafters, and home brewers for the packaging of their products.  Reusing glass containers eliminates the large amounts of energy unnecessarily spent in the actual recycling process, which in turn provides a near zero footprint option for our local Colorado businesses.  The bottling making process itself accounts for the majority of the environmental footprint for businesses that package products in glass containers. 

In 2014, The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment issued a report concerning measures to increase the percentage of discarded materials that are beneficially used rather than disposed of in landfills.  It talks about the environmental impacts of reusing vs. recycling, stating “the preferred management option is the direct reuse of materials without additional processing whenever possible”.

We hope to provide an alternative to help these businesses achieve their environmental impact reduction goals by offering 100% Post-Consumer glass containers for local reuse.  

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