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Eco-Projects, by Repurposing Company

Eco-Projects Repurposing Wall Vase

Eco-Projects, by Repurposing Company

Eco-projects simply refer to the variety of product lines offered on the retail side of Repurposing Company.  Our initial Eco-Project is titled, “Wall Vase,” repurposing creatively new and unique accent pieces and eco-friendly decor alternatives for displaying fresh flowers.  Stay tuned for future new Eco-Projects.

The intention is ultimately to showcase a diverse variety of Eco-Projects, all with a large assortment of style options, offering customizations, such as glass etching of business logos, etc.  

The Projects themselves are limited only by the unique characteristics of the material, and just how creative we can get to keep as much glass out of landfills as possible.  By implementing the basic idea of anything we can do to keep glass out of landfills, we can adopt an out of the pox perspective for creating alternative solutions that will hopefully create positive change for business and community alike.

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