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The Re-Use Colorado Initiative

100% Post-Consumer Re-Use Initative

The Re-Use Colorado Initiative Is a program to provide empty glass containers back to local and surrounding Colorado breweries, small-batch crafters, and home brewers for the packaging of their products.  Reusing glass containers eliminates the large amounts of energy unnecessarily spent in the actual recycling process, which in turn provides a near zero footprint option for our local Colorado businesses.  The bottling making process itself accounts for the majority of the environmental footprint for businesses that package products in glass containers.  In 2014, The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment issued a report concerning measures to increase the percentage...

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Eco-Projects, by Repurposing Company

Eco-Projects Repurposing Wall Vase

Eco-Projects, by Repurposing Company Eco-projects simply refer to the variety of product lines offered on the retail side of Repurposing Company.  Our initial Eco-Project is titled, “Wall Vase,” repurposing creatively new and unique accent pieces and eco-friendly decor alternatives for displaying fresh flowers.  Stay tuned for future new Eco-Projects. The intention is ultimately to showcase a diverse variety of Eco-Projects, all with a large assortment of style options, offering customizations, such as glass etching of business logos, etc.   The Projects themselves are limited only by the unique characteristics of the material, and just how creative we can get to...

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Providing Boulder restaurants and bars with one-on-one customizable solutions for glass separation.

Boulder Glass Separation

We provide Boulder restaurants and bars with one-on-one customizable solutions to facilitate effective separation of their empty glass containers, as well as be a reliable resource of information for business and community. With over 10 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, I have direct experience with the challenges faced in both the front and back of the house with their making more environmentally conscious decisions about their waste management.  The goal here is to introduce and provide glass-only separation and a materials-appropriate-collection-method to the restaurant industry.  We are creating solutions by working directly within the individual needs, assist in...

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One of our goals is to establish and encourage in Boulder, Colorado a glass-only separate stream of collection.

Boulder Single-Stream Collection Zero Waste

To establish and encourage in Boulder, Colorado a glass-only separate stream of collection, sorting and recovery of empty glass containers, serving local restaurants and bars.  By separating out glass at the source before it enters into the single-stream collection system we hope to create a positive impact on overall recyclability rates at local MRF sorting facilities.  Boulder currently only provides single-stream collection for recyclables.  Only by reducing the volume of glass collected via single-stream, can we begin to have a positive impact in our waste management and bring Boulder closer to its goal of Zero Waste by 2025.  In a...

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